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Russian orthopedic seat - innovative posture corrector

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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Everyone knows that movement is life.
But what to do if you have to spend most of your time sitting without movement (working at the desk)?

Logical answer would be: you have to move at sitting.
Is it possible? Yes! )))

Check this unique innovative orthopedic seat - posture corrector invented by Russian scientist Vladimir Tolstunov (RF Patent # 2276571 - see details below)

What a great solution to modern days people back spine problems- true holistic approach!
Please watch the video to see how it works:

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How to make a handle for ploskorez

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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Ploskorez - universal no-till gardening tool from Russia.

The oversized length of a handle makes delivery cost so high that we counted for the best to offer you 2 options:
1. Make a handle yourself or with the help of a friend or a handyman - please check detailed step-by-step instructions below.
2. Order a handle at ecominded shop - for some extra delivery cost - http://ecominded.net/heirloom-seeds/garden-tools/handle-for-ploskorez-detail.html

To make a handle for ploskorez Fokina you will need a wooden plank (pine wood is fine) with the following dimensions:

Length: 130 - 140 cm, Width: 3.0 - 4.5 cm, Thickness: 1.8-2.0 cm.
You will also need a planer, a drill with an 8 mm drill bit and a sandpaper.

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How to grow cedars from nuts.

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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The germinating capacity of cedar nut is preserved for up to four years. After sowing, the nuts are loosely covered with soil. The nut germinate in the year they are sown or in the following year, more rarely in the third year, after germination the young shoots must be kept in the shade and watered, in the second year the seedlings develop only the top shoot, in the third year they form the first whorl of lateral shoots. The young plant acquires a crown usually by the time it is 5 to 7 years old, and by 15 to 25 years of age is covered with branches almost to the ground. At 20 to 30 years of age, the lower branches begin to die off, and the crown acquires an oval shape.

How to germinate cedar nuts.

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Pinus Sibirica - Tree Benefits

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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The Siberian cedar (Pinus Sibirica) may be rightfully considered our national tree, for it grows naturally almost exclusively in our country -- in the Urals, Siberia, Altai Krai (only 1% of the total area of cedar forests is found on the territory of the People's Republic of Mongolia). The cedar is the glory and pride of our forests. It is especially beautiful when it is blossoming, when the crimson-coloured male flowerhead shines brightly on the background of the dark green branches. Vladimir Chivilikhin had good reason to write that the cedar would be worth growing in our gardens and parks solely to see such lushly peaceful beauty on the thick green branches once a year. And they are grown: in Leningrad alone more than 20 thousand saplings have been recently planted, and outside Leningrad, in suburban forests, another 40 thousand. And this is only in the environs of Leningrad!

The Siberian cedar (more accurately, the Siberian cedar pine, because botanists classify it in the family of pines) possesses enormous hardiness and is found far to the north. Wonderfully fruitful cedar trees planted by humans may be found in Arkhangelsk and Murmansk Oblasts, on Valaam Island in Lake Ladoga, and on the Solovetsky Islands, located in the White Sea. The cedar is even found in the Arctic Circle, and grows in the permafrost.

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Healthy air-trition versus Healthy nutrition

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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Mind blowing facts, most likely you never heard about... 
...Here we begin to pull down the foundation of some healthy nutrition technics.
Question 1: How much meal do you eat during a day? In kgs.
The answer: 1 to 3 kgs.
Question 2: What else do you consume during a day?
The answer: Air.
Question 3: What is the weight of the air passing through your lungs during a day? In kgs.
The answer: From 10 kgs of air in a pretty quiet lying down state, to 24 kgs in a more or less active-vigorous state.
(For more info please google it)

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Cedar Resin: Nature's Miracle

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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The majority of articles and abstracts about resin point out that it is named "zhivitsa" in Russian thanks to its ability to heal wounds effectively and rapidly (the verb "to heal" in Russian, zazhivit, has the same root). This is, of course, true, but there are other, more substantial reasons for such an evocative name. According to Jack Tresidder's dictionary of symbols, resin signifies immortality, a symbolism based on the popular belief that resin is the undying spirit of long-living trees.

Many examples may be cited of the special relationship of various peoples to this mysterious substance, but the purpose of this article is to solve the riddle of this unanimity: perhaps our ancestors knew something about resin that we are only just beginning to learn through the misty veil of time.

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Cedar Oil in Natural medicine

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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The use of cedar nut oil in the treatment of gastritis, erosive stomach and duodenal ulcers (methodological recommendations)

These recommendations have been formulated by:
E.I. Filchenko, M.D., S.V. Nizkodubova, D.M.S.
V.I. Karpitsky, M.D. and A.G. Petrenko, M.D.1
Published reports attest to the high therapeutic effectiveness of various types of oils in various inflammatory processes. Cedar nut oil is distinguished from other well-known curative oils by its enriched content of various kinds of healing elements. It is a natural product used from ancient times in folk medicine. Cedar nut oil contains a large quantity of polyunsaturated fatty acids, including a significant quantity of fat-dissolving vitamins E and F, which are known for their high level of physiological and anti-acidic properties. The oil contains phosphatic phosphorous, very important to bodily health, besides being a rich source of vitally important micro-elements: phosphorous, calcium, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc, cobalt and iodine. Cedar oil contains up to 5% nitrogenous substances, of which 90% are amino acids, 70% of them indispensable acids — all of which testifies to its high physiological value.

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