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Russian flat-cutter "All-Mighty"

Original ploskorez Fokina - metal parts only (no handle)
Description The strongest heavy duty tool with short and wide blade. Great to work on virgin lands and for hilling.
Handle is not included - the oversized length of a handle makes delivery cost so high that we counted for the best to offer you 2 options:
1. Make a handle yourself or with the help of a friend or a handyman - please check this page for detailed step-by-step instructions: "How to make a handle for ploskorez"
2. Order a handle at ecominded shop - for some extra delivery cost - http://ecominded.net/heirloom-seeds/garden-tools/handle-for-ploskorez-detail.html

More info about ploskorez Fokina here: http://ecominded.net/news/fokin-s-ploskorez.html

Please note: All ploskorezes come directly from the family of Vladimir Fokin, so every your purchase also supports the inventor's family!


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