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Sunny Horse

Traditional Russian
Description Material: woolen threads, leather. Size: 17 cm
Horse was the most honored animal  among  Slavonic people. White and red horses were considered messengers of warmth and sunlight. Slavs believed that  the Sun moves along the sky in a chariot, driven by three horses. Horses were known by their patience, endurance and  devotion. Wooden horse images fixed on roofs were  believed to protect them from evil spirits. Stars and constellations were often compared to horses,  while the Milky Way- with the milk of the sky mare. Many items associated with horses like horse-shoes, bells, harness elements, horse’s sculls, were considered as amulets protecting people from troubles and  bringing luck and prosperity. Horses were often compared to fast birds possessing dynamic, wild but wise character. To tame the wild horse meant (on a metaphysical  level) to tame the Nature and to share your abilities with it. In many cultures such a test was a part of the ritual of initiation obligatory for every male. August, 18th was known as a Horse Festival. On that day it was prohibited to use horses for any works, horses were washed, well-fed,  decorated with ribbons, horse exhibitions were arranged.

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