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Herbal Doll

Russian traditional doll
Description Material: linen, wool, fragrant herbs. Size- 13 cm
In order to make the air in the hut  clear and fragrant,  women made the so-called HERBAL DOLL (Kubyshka-travnitsa). They made a  bag, filled it up with fragrant herbs and placed it over the child’s bed for better night –dreams and said: “Spirit  of sleepless night, don’t play with my child, play with my doll”. When somebody fell ill in the family, the doll was placed near the bed or inside the cradle - they believed that the smell of such grasses take  away spirits of   illnesses. The matter is,that illnesses were associated with ugly spirits, while grasses and trees were seen as having properties  helping  to stop or transfer the illness into the lower world,  where they became harmless.

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