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Plant a cedar!

  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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        «Hometown Eco-Bomb» is a world-wide movement created by people who want to get involved in improving the quality of their environment.

         In the recent years there has been many thousands of trees planted all over the world as part of this movement. What is most important, the participants of the Hometown Eco-Bomb begin to take responsibility for the quality of air, water, soil, and even food. The results of the tree planting go beyond a single generation, that is why primary focus of the movement is on planting trees, especially pine trees, cedars, junipers that are able to produce the greatest amounts of fresh and healing air. That is why the events related to the Hometown Eco-Bomb so quickly gain popularity. Thousands of people in Russia are planting cedar trees (Pinus Sibirica) and junipers in the city parks and gardens, in school yards, in their home back yards!

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