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Complimentary eco home webinar

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  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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Wow, what a brilliant gift!
My friend just released an online training combining 6 (!) eco workshops.

* Alosha teaches simple DIY projects to harvest, store, filter rain and how to treat waste and pool water.
* He will also show you how you can build an innovative off - grid eco home.
* It's worth checking out - Bioveda workshops

As a precursor to the training Alosha is running a complimentary webinar on:

* How to build a constructed wetland to treat your waste water
* How to heat and cool your home without buying fuel
* Electro Magnetic Radiation and invisible geopathic stress zones
* How various shapes affect our health and wellbeing
* Eco communities - the only way for a thriving humanity

You can join the webinar here