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Turnip Petrovskaya yellow

One of the best food vegetables ever.
Description Basic info about turnip: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turnip

Turnip is undeservedly forgotten PRIMORDIALLY RUSSIAN PRODUCT
People has learnt to cultivate turnip about 4000 years ago. Turnip, probably, was one of the first vegetables that have received steadfast attention of mankind.

In Russia turnip has deserved love and respect during far pre-Christian times. Turnip was the most accessible product.

The matter is that in our difficult climate many vegetables "did not live" till the spring. And only turnip with its firmness transferred the most rigid weather conditions, did not decay, kept taste and vitamins. Besides, turnip possessed enviable productivity and frugality, did not require meticulous care and could be grown up without big expenses.

Turnip was the main Russian vegetable before the time of Peter the Great when it was replaced by potato.

Even in Russian fairy tales turnip was given significant attention:


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