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3D-seat for children

Orthopedic overlaid seat - posture corrector
Description Check this unique innovative orthopedic seat - posture corrector invented by Russian scientist Vladimir Tolstunov (RF Patent # 2276571)

Compared to the original Spine-Ok seat, 3D-seat has 2 additional wheels at the back preventing a child to recline.

It is relevant for children and is famous for its healing effects:
* back pain relief
* stress level reduction
* posture correction
* spine flexibility and strength restoration
* headache relief
* P.M.S. pain relief
* partial restoration of eyesight
* improvement of sleep, mood and overall health

Watch the video for details and instruction manual - https://vimeo.com/238172902

More details here: http://ecominded.net/news/russian-orthopedic-seat.html


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