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FLAP insoles, 43-46

Lyapko applicator, (pair)
Description Elastic plate, with needles made of different metals that are necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver.
Fit to sizes 43-46 (EU), Foot length: 28.0 - 31.0 cm

This is a special applicator. The insole is equipped with restrictive rollers, specially selected by size, which adjust the force of impact and dosing of needle on the sole, thus preventing possible damage.
On foot is located many sensitive points, acting on that can effect almost any organ in the body. By acting on these points, the applicator stimulates the natural ability of the body to heal, it awakens our "internal doctor", improves immunity, normalizes and restores the function of all organs and systems, gives us the fullness of natural sensations, simulating walking and running barefoot, conquers physical inactivity and its consequences.

They are easy to use, you can put cotton between the insole applicator and slippers at the areas that need to be activated.
It is used as an aid to
• Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
• Diseases of the Nervous System
• Respiratory diseases, including of allergic origin
• Diseases of the heart and blood vessels
• Pathology of the digestive system
• Urology • Skin diseases
• Endocrine diseases
• Removal of abstinence syndrome in alcoholism and tobacco
• Restore vitality, good mood and health

To enhance the effect a tissue layer can be put on the insole - 2-3 layers of gauze-cloth or a rare cotton cloth moistened with a solution of drugs, a decoction of herbs, salt solution.
Time of insoles exposure is determined by the achieving of the desired effect:
- stimulating (restorative) exposure for 5-7 minutes in the active motor mode (walking, jogging); standing on the insoles and intensively `rolling` foot with the insole.
- calming (sedative) effect for 15-30 minutes of smooth, progressive, wavelike movements of the foot on the insole,at normal position sitting on a chair or lying in bed.

Important: please read this article for details, watch the videos and learn indications and contraindications for use of applicators!


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