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Easy way to start seeds without soil

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We have just tried an unusual way to start seeds without any soil at all.
It has worked so well that we can't resist sharing it with you.

So, here is what you do.
1. Take an empty plastic bottle with no cap and cut it carefully lengthwise - you get 2 halves.
2. Take the cheapest toilet paper (no odours, no color) and cover the bottom of each half-bottle with a few layers (6-8).
3. Pour some water over the paper layers until it's wet completely, then tilt it bottleneck down to pour out axcess water.
4. Put the seeds on the wet paper and slightly pin each seed down with a finger tip.
5. Place a plastic bag over the half-bottle to make sure that all moisture will stay inside.
6. Leave it this way for 2-3 weeks and watch the seeds growing inside!

The benefits of this method.

* No soil - no plant diseases hidden in soil that may be dengerous for little weak newly born seedlings.
* No more watering (the moisture is kept inside by the plastic bag).
* Most of the seeds start simultaneously all together, up to 80-100 % of them and grow really fast.

After 2-3 weeks when the seedlings are grown up and strong enough you may replant them in pots or in open ground.

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