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EM-molasses, 100 ml

nutrient medium for EM1
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Description EM-molasses is made of purified black molasses enriched with unique complex of micro- and macro-elements carefully selected for microbial symbiosis for Baikal EM1 substratum.

For more info please read this EM technology scientific reseach: http://ecominded.net/articles/effective-microorganisms-em-technology-in-plants.html

Application recommendations.

1. To make EM1 substratum add 8 tablespoons of EM-molasses for 4 litres of the substratum.
2. To make EM1 solution for watering add 1 tablespoon of EM-molasses and 1 tablespoon of EM1 substratum for 10 litres of warm non-chlorinated water, stir thoroughly, leave it for 2-4 hours and apply.


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