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In Eco-tourism we take attentive and loving care of nature and people. In today's modern lifestyle a person spends much of their day staring at a screen while breathing in artificially conditioned air. It is now highly unusual for such a person to stay in nature long enough so he might actually feel the unconscious positive effects of breathing in fresh air instead of big city smog. It is now an entirely abnormal experience for a modern person to obtain food, not from a supermarket, but from a wild-growing bush or to drink milk right after milking a cow!  For many people today a long walk may cause pain in one's feet and leg muscles because these muscles are now conditioned to pushing car pedals only. In addition many cannot walk barefoot for more than 5 minutes. It is also a real challenge for many people to withstand the sensation of standing under an ice-cold waterfall stream!

In Eco-tourism we learn about cooperation and co-creation with nature. Nature is benevolent and loves humans. There is nothing in it truly dangerous for a human being. Everything serves humans faithfully. We just have to educate ourselves on how to understand nature. In return nature gives us back feelings of real joy, happiness and love. This vital relationship is exactly what the majority of modern living human beings are missing in their life in spite of all kinds of superficial progress. Nature is unconditionally happy, joyful and full of harmony. And we can learn all that from it! Its love for humans is unconditional, free and endless like God's love.

Organic, ecological consumption is becoming more popular in the modern world. Products of wild nature are the most expensive ones all over the world. Russia is in a unique position since the gifts of nature are still freely picked up right from under one's feet, with a pristine quality currently lost to most parts of the world. While  safaris or expensive resorts can only offer thrills and the illusions of health, Russia offers a natural wilderness of incomparable purity. Even though most of us have forgotten, humans are still children of nature. Try to feel the real earth under your feet instead of asphalt. Here at ecotourism we welcome you to step into the real adventure of life, where energy of aliveness is invited! When a person comes to remember such aliveness, an understanding develops in how nature provides a great quality of life. This understanding inspires a person to begin to strive towards that quality becoming more in alignment with nature. Everything is learned in comparison.

Ethno-tourism is defined as exploration of indigenous populations and their respective culture and traditions. With regard to Russia one can talk about family homesteads in the form of eco-communities of Kin's domains, also called Ringing Cedars eco-villages that has become national idea of Russia for the recent 15 years. People co-creating these eco-communities prefer living their lives off the grid, close to nature. They provide a sustainable way of living which also helps improve the quality of our planet. They revive old Russian spirit, pre-christian, Vedic Russia visions, traditions and rituals.

Please book your space at Vedic Russia Ethno-Eco-tour: https://ecominded.net/ethno-tour/vedic-russia-ethno-eco-tour.html