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Ploskorez - permaculture tool from Russia!

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Eco-minded Club presents amazing invention of a Russian gardener Vladimir Fokin (Russian Federation patent #2040133): ploskorez, Russian flat-cutter, cultivator Fokina or Fokin hoe, as Sepp Holzer calls it, Ploskorez Fokina ("ploskorez" means flat-cutter) - a simple and versatile permaculture tool to replace usual gardening tools like spade, hoe, rakes etc, simplifying 20 gardening operations and essential for no-till gardening.

Standard Ploskorez Fokina consists of a steel plate bent in 4 different directions at specific angles (see the picture) and a long wooden flat handle. Three of the cutting surfaces of the plate are sharpened. The blades of the cutting part of the ploskorez must always be sharpened to reduce the resistance of the soil and cutting plants.

Organic gardening and Permaculture enthusiasts using the tool have reported significant labor savings and increased yields from no-till plantings.

This unusual gardening tool notably stand out from the conventional small-scale soil tilling tools. If you like gardening but was held back by intensity and stress involved, then you are at a right place. Ploskorez Fokina allows you to perform most of the primary and secondary tillage tasks: breaking up and smoothing out the topsoil, further breaking up clods and removing to provide a finer soil structure suitable for seedbed use, forming rows and beds, planting and covering seeds after sowing without a need to turn the soil over (no-till gardening). This way no harm is caused to the good soil microorganisms and producing good tilth in the process.
Important note: to get the most benefits of the use of the Ploskorez Fokina you need some practice.
The videos below will give you an idea about different types of Russian flat-cutters and how to work with them performing different tilling tasks.

To order Ploskorez Fokina
online please visit this page:

Wooden Handle is not included - the oversized length of a handle makes delivery cost so high that we counted for the best to offer you 2 options:
1. Make a handle yourself or with the help of a friend or a handyman - please check this page for detailed step-by-step instructions: "How to make a handle for ploskorez"
2. Order a handle at ecominded shop - for some extra delivery cost - http://ecominded.net/heirloom-seeds/garden-tools/handle-for-ploskorez-detail.html

Please note: All ploskorezes (flat-cutters) come directly from the family of Vladimir Fokin, so with every purchase you also support the inventor's family!