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Food box "Bogatyr" D8

Birch bark and wood
Description Diameter: 8 cm, Height (with lid knob): 15 cm 
"Bogatyr" stands for Hero in Russian folklore. The note Иван Чай means: Ivan-Chai

Birch bark crafts came to us from the depths of centuries from our ancestors. In ancient times, boxes for food and drinks were made of birch bark. Now there are not many such items in everyday life, but they have not lost their popularity and are symbols of beauty and prosperity. A handicraft of birch bark may be an original decoration and a practical storage for small things at home or an exclusive gift for your loved ones.

Birch bark contains fungicidal and antiseptic substances like betulin that help preserve bark artifacts, as well as food preserved in bark containers.

Bread in such container never grow moldy.

Grains and seeds being kept in such container never get any bugs.


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