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Hemp shoes "Comfi-Classic"

price per pair
Description Handmade ethical vegan breathable hemp shoes.
Top fiber: hemp 100%
Lining: hemp 100%
Soles: thermo-resistant rubber

This item will be manufactured on customer's request only (takes 8-15 days). Please be patient. )
Available sizes: 39 - 45 (EU)

Please consider the shoes pictures as samples only, it is a handicraft and you should not expect exact copy, there always be some slight differencies.

Important: please refer to this video "How to measure your feet for custom-made shoes" to carefully measure your feet using a piece of paper and send the scan to radaryu@gmail.com

Hemp fiber is the strongest natural textile fiber. It has inherent properties that help regulate body temperature by wicking moisture. Hemp wicks 4 x more moisture than cotton. It is also antimicrobial, antiseptic and hypoallergenic.


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