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Lyapko Applicators - your home doctor!

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Lyapko Applicators are elastic plates and rollers, with needles made of different metals that are necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, silver.
Applicators are meant for utilization onto any parts of the body (most often to the spine). The healing process is based on method of surface multi-needle therapy as one of the forms of acupuncture. High therapeutic efficiency is achieved due to galvanic currents created in the skin, on the points of the needles and between the needles, which leads to an increased selective metal micro-electrophoresis within the internal environment of the body.

Features of Lyapko Applicator:

1. it enhances vitality and working efficiency, normalizes sleep and metabolism, evokes positive emotions and spirits;
2. it renders assistance in curing and preventing disorders of gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular, respiratory and nervous systems;
3. it eliminates sexual disorders with subsequent normalization of men and women’s sexual functions; in treatment of gynecological diseases, it helps to cure disorders of ovarian-menstrual cycle;
4. it alleviates pain in the spinal column, joints and muscles, removes headaches;
5. it helps to normalize hormonal balance, metabolic processes during endocrinopathy (the obese lose weight or the emaciated gain the required kilograms);
6. it increases the efficiency of such methods as massage, auricular and classic acupuncture, manual and laser therapy, microwave resonance therapy (when used in combination with them or prior to their use) 2 to 3 times;
7. it renders assistance in quitting pernicious habits (alcoholism, tobacco smoking);
8. it makes it possible to reduce the amount of consumed drugs and eventually discontinue taking them altogether.

Applicators can be utilized in medical institutions, sanatoria, and at home.

Lyapko Applicators have no analogues in the world as they are unique in their multifactor character and treatment power as well as effectiveness and efficiency, their application being simple and reliable. The Applicator mobilizes inner resources, stimulates physiologically reasonable dosage of natural medicines production inside human organism and compensates the deficit of motive activity.

Treatment technique

Reflex reactions of the human skin layer, which is the main participant of interaction of the organism and environment, are known to appear as an answer to the action of various agents: physical, chemical, electrical, wave and other. The character of the response depends on the type and intensity of action, functional state of the organism and a number of other factors. It has been determined that the most adequate are those actions parameters of which remain within the physiological bounds that are characteristic of the body. In addition to this, biologically active zones will mostly absorb those types of energy, the lack of which the body is suffering at the moment of being acted on. The more various in type actions are conducted on the reflect zone of the skin, the more chances there will be for saturation of the organism with energy.

The applicator created on the basis of Chinese traditional medicine by Doctor N.G. Lyapko meets many of the requirements. Assuming as a basis a method of acting with a bunch of needles (mei-hua-jen), Doctor suggested using needles made of various metals, which function as microelements and play an important part in the processes of interchange in the organism (iron, copper, zinc, nickel, silver), locating them on the rubber base. It contributed to the enhancement and diversification of the actions on the skin layer: immediate mechanic action with purposefully sharpened needles which exclude the skin damage; electrical action with micro-currents that appear between the needles because of difference in potentials; galvanic diffusion of microelements; electric fields of low intensity.

Simplicity of the application, the minimum risk of involving complications and high efficiency enable to use applicators in case of a number of pathological conditions. Various forms and dimensions as well as diverse ways of fixation make it possible to dose out the action on the skin, up to many hours of stimulation.

The above mentioned simplicity and safety of the method enable to widely recommend its self-dependent application by patients at home (only 7% of patients have an access to acupuncturist) to eliminate pains in case of chronic diseases, for enhancement of adaptive functions of the body, prophylaxis of diseases, which makes it possible to exclude medicines or to reduce their doses.

Many years’ experience of the use of applicators in neurological clinic has proved high efficiency of the method in case of neurological syndromes of osteochondrosis, emotional disorders, diverse vegetative algic syndromes and asthenia conditions.

Contraindications for use of applicators

Relative contraindications to the use of applicators and rollers are:
• acute infectious diseases;
• exacerbation of chronic illness with high fever of a body;
• state of decompensation in diseases of cardiovascular system, lungs, liver, kidneys;
• acute thrombophlebitis;
• diseases of blood and blood-forming organs in the stage of decompensation;
• acute surgical conditions;
• drastic depletion;
• violation of the integrity of the skin: wounds, burns, frostbite.
In presence of benign and malignant disease, multineedle Lyapko therapy is used only to treat individual symptoms (method of analgesic effect, removal of emotional stress, improving sleep, etc.) and only after an oncologist consulting.

Mechanisms of applicator' action

1. Reflexive - mechanical action - outer multiple needle acupuncture of the definite areas and biologically active spots (reflex reaction), as well as micro massage of the skin and underneath tissues. Reflex action of needles on BAP consists of three interconnected parts: local, segmental and general reaction of the organism.

2. Galvanic - electric action - at contact with the skin on the surface of applicators' needles many physical-chemical changes take place which are peculiar to changes under the influence of direct current. In the result of it, the oxide layer is formed on needles and the galvanic effect appears. Electric micro currents appear in the skin on the ends of the multilayer needles as well as between needles which are made of different metals.

3. Humoral action - by means of microionphoresis the required metals are transferred into liquid organism's media (copper, zinc, nickel, iron, silver), that needles of applicator are made of. All these micro elements play important role in providing the proper treatment of organs and system.

Fig. 1 (left). Scheme of ions orientation as a result of galvanic coupling applicator and skin contact. Schematic representation of electrical ion currents occurring at the tips of metal needles covered with other metals, are accompanied by electrophoresis (diffusion) of these metals in the internal environment.

Fig. 2 (below). Schematic representation of the electrical ion currents generated at the tip of the needle and between the needles of different metals, accompanied by electrophoresis (diffusion) of these metals in the internal environment of the body.

Questions and Answers.

Where should one start treatment with the applicator on his own?

Set a target before yourself: “I want to have a sound health”. Remember that a person can be as healthy as he himself wants to be. Each of us is used to entrusting someone else with solving our problems and fulfilling our duties. For example, the mission of a doctor is to restore health to us, his duty is to conduct diligent and efficient treatment in the required scope. But efforts on the doctor’s part only are not sufficient. Remember: Your health is in your hands!

Get carefully acquainted with Lyapko applicator operation manual, underline information which is important for you and make marks in the drawings supplied. Commit yourself to strictly and fully conduct the procedures.

Spare a notebook to record your sensations in, both during the treatment and after it. On the notebook, write down your purpose and your duties in big letters. Divide the notebook into columns: date, time, place of treatment, its duration, the sensations during the treatment and after it, duration of therapeutic effect. From this moment on, while analyzing your notes, you will be able to see the real results of the treatment and to select a method of the use of Lyapko applicators which suits you best.

When is it possible to use applicators and rollers?

If you feel sick, if you have pains in muscles or joints, if old traumas remind you of themselves, if you experience headaches, nervous tension, if you are under stress, you can rely on the applicator. Place it under your back or press it to against the part of the body you feel pain in. the applicator will help you to forget about it!

“Needle rain” obtained due to the use of the roller will revitalize worn-out nervous system, “wash away” tension from your muscles, give you good complexion and fresh up your skin. Use the facial roller hen you are standing in front of the mirror and you will feel the desire to smile at your reflection, because it is always nice to see a fresh-looking and healthy person in the mirror.

If prior to a massage seance your back is pre-conditioned by lying on applicators or using a roller on it for several minutes, the therapeutic effect of the massage will be achieved much sooner, it will linger on, and the pleasure you get will increase no end.

The applicator can be used at any time suitable for you; it is portable, if fixed to the affected part of the body, for so long as it is required for you to feel improvement.

What do patients feel when they use Lyapko applicator?

From the first minutes of the use of applicator the patient feels prickling, vibration, tingling. Then there comes an influx of warmth, painful sensations disappear, experienced is pleasant relaxation which can lead to a normal healthy sleep.

What happens during the treatment?

The applicator acts on skin receptors, points, reflex zones, inducing adequate reactions of the body. It switches on the immune system, gives it additional power to efficiently fight the illness.

The applicator causes powerful redistribution of energy, creates galvanic currents due to potential difference of metals which the applicator needles are made of, and, as a result, it induces micro-electrophoresis of these metals into internal media of the body.

What makes pain subside?

The applicator restores the energy balance in meridians which cross the painful area or in the projection zone of the organ that needs treatment.

Pathogenic (stagnation) energy is actively redistributed (eliminated) and the impaired zone which experiences energy shortage is recharged.

Thus, when contacting with the applicator which consists of needles made of various metals, our body, through its skin, operates as accumulator battery: it repairs energy shortage and removes energy excess. The inflamed zone, which is oedematic, with strong influx of blood, is discharged, the pain subsides, and the impaired area (in case of dystrophic processes) receives the required energy.

Besides, the mechanism of multiple point acupuncture of biologically active points located on the skin is switched on; this instructs pituitary gland to generate endorphins, which are natural analgesic substances of the body.

How to use the applicator and the roller correctly?

At first you must get determined as to what result exactly you want to achieve. Then you must define application zones (main, secondary and auxiliary). After that you have to select the tool you need – applicator or roller, or both of the above. You can lie down on the applicators making sure you are doing it correctly, or place the applicator pressing it down with a small sand bag. One can act with the roller on the necessary zones covering all parts of the body with or without assistance from outside. Acting on separate points and zones, the applicator helps to restore and normalize functions of separate organs and the body as a hole.

What effect does the applicator-roller produce on a person?

The action of the roller is similar to the action of the applicator, but the result is achieved much sooner; besides, the roller renders access to practically all parts of the body. Within 2 to 3 minutes one can roll over the whole body: it will “burn”, you will receive several millions of pricks – the so called “needle shower”. Ten minutes are enough to warm up all the family after super-cooling. While working with the roller, you will need an assistant to treat areas which are hard to reach.

How does the roller work?

The range of action of the roller is very wide, and the effect of its application is incredibly high. It’s a unique means. Besides the fact that the roller is your home acupuncturist and diagnostician, it will help you to find all the points which beneficially act on your body, normalizing its condition in the most efficient way. Not every therapist is able to detect these points as unmistakably as the roller does. These points and zones of various configurations are those located on the surface of the body, action on which often causes unusual sensations in the very point or zone and also reverberates in other parts of the body.

In addition to general recommendations according to which it is necessary to act on main, secondary and auxiliary zones advised in cases of certain diseases and states similar to your complaints and diagnosis, it is also required to roll on the detected zones – hypersensitive areas – for a short period of time (5 to 10 minutes). Naturally, the action results in the patient’s experiences significant improvement, subsided pains, enhancement of working efficiency and vitality soar, which is accompanied by pleasant and comfortable sensations in the application zone and all over the body. Zones on the face, neck, head or painful zones of the trunk and extremities should be rolled on. In some cases it is very effective to act on the areas located opposite to the pain zones, for example, if the right leg or arm is aching, one should act on the left leg or arm.

How to use the applicator in cases of thyroid gland disorders?

Pathology of thyroid gland is always accompanied by pathology of cervical section of the spinal column. Therefore, it is necessary to act on the section of the spinal column with the applicator or roller. Efficient is the action on secondary zones: sacrum-coccyx and adrenal gland zones. The procedure should end in acting with the applicator on the feet.

Focus on the articulation region of the second phalanx of the hallux and the foot (phalangometatersal articulation of the hallux) both on the side of the sole and on the back side of each foot.

If a child has a weak arm, can Lyapko applicator help in this case?

Yes, undoubtedly. One of the possible causes is a trauma at birth, or a trauma inflicted afterwards, which resulted in dislocation of the joint and nerve entrapment. Even if the reason is genetic, it is still possible to help by correcting the condition of the joint and the nerve, to stimulate muscles and nerves to develop normally. The condition of the body is always connected with the condition of the spinal column. It is necessary to act on the zones located paravertebrally in cervical and thoracic sections of the spinal column, and then lengthwise, beginning with the hand and moving on to the forearm and the shoulder of the affected side. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, one should additionally act on the zones located symmetrically on the unaffected extremity and foot. The seance can end in segment massage of cervical zone and both of the arms with Pharaon massager. The treatment must be carried out on the regular and continuous basis until positive dynamics is obtained.

After a trauma of the elbow joint the arm partially lost its ability to move. Can the applicator be used in this case, and if so, how is it to be done?

To use the applicator is simply necessary for the following reason: the trauma resulted in paresis of the ulna and radial nerves. The integrity is restored and the bones have knitted, but it is often the case that pathological zones automatically form in the shoulder and elbow joints and cervical section of the spinal column which is already impaired, since there are dislocations on congestive processes as a result of enforced limitation of mobility.

Only acting on pathological zones contributes to normalization and restoration of functions of the defective organ, joint, or section of the spinal column. The method produces a positive effect as it is based on one of the main principles of medicine – do not harm, use protective potential of the body.

It is required to act with applicators (rollers) on cervical-thoracic section of the spinal column, cervical-brachial plexuses. The treatment should involve the regions of the joints (shoulder and elbow ones), the forearm and the hand. In order to enhance the therapeutic effect, it is expedient to use applicators on symmetrical zones of the unaffected side and foot.

Does the use of applicators bring any harm?

No, none. Moreover, by using Lyapko applicators you mobilize protective potential of the body to fight the disease and successfully put an end to it. The only thing to do is to listen to your sensations carefully and use the applicator properly. At it, sensations experienced must be only pleasant. Read Section “How to work with the applicator?” again, you should note the correct positioning and your actions in case of continuous uncomfortable sensations. The treatment must bring in relief, tranquility and relaxation, give the charge of energy, enhance working efficiency and restore harmony.

What should I do not to make a mistake buying a counterfeit product?

Lyapko applicator has gained popularity with various clusters of people, in medical institutions ranging from district hospitals to science-research centres of medical universities, Military Medical Academy, etc. This has led to emerging of low-quality non-certified products sold by unscrupulous dealers who use Lyapko registered logotypes, promotional materials and, what is most important, popularity and efficiency of the authentic applicators.

Manufacturing process of Lyapko applicators is labour-consuming and very costly, as the original high-precision technology and raw materials of the higher quality are being used.

The authentic Lyapko applicator has a base made of high-quality medical rubber, which is easily told from the common industrial-purpose rubber by sight, smell and elasticity. The rubber used is of various colours. It is characteristic of the applicator to be motley-coloured.

The applicator base is die-cast which ensures its reliability and long service life. Specially intended bulges in the base of the plate enable to safely fix needles and prevent them from falling out or tilting. Besides, they prevent the skin from getting punctured. All Lyapko applicator needles and their coating are made of the purist metals in full compliance with the requirements of the Ministry for Health that refer to medical items.

How to disinfect the applicator properly?

Being use, applicators get in contact with skin without damaging it, never contacting with blood. In medical institutions after each application seance, they must be disinfected according to one of the methods specified in OST 42-21-2-85.

In accordance with OST 25-1-005-87 “Resistance of metal medical instruments to disinfection means, pre-sterilization cleaning and sterilization. Classification and method selection”, for disinfection one can use: boiling (distilled water at 98 C for 30 minutes); air method (air sterilizer at 120 C for 4 to 45 minutes); chemical method (chlorine-free agents, e.g. Lysophormin 3000; concentration and exposition time – according to instructions). The above mentioned standards are valid on the territory of Ukraine.

In case of individual use the applicator does not require any disinfection.

Hygienic cleaning of the applicator includes treatment with a detergent solution, rinsing in running water and drying up in a wave of hot air (with the help of a hair-drier) at a minimal distance from the needles.

Attention! Pictures below will show you examples of application of different types of Lyapko applicators.