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News from Russia

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  • Written by Yury Smirnov
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Kirsten Daly, founder of balancedearth.org.au recently visited Russia to see if the ecovillage vision of the Russian Anastasia/Ringing Cedars series of Books were really a success and reality. Wow - what inspiration. In 15 years since the books were released in Russia (now worldwide in many languages) millions of people have been inspired to return to nature - and Russia alone has over 220 of these ecovillages. Here Kirsten

This sweet family hosted me in Russia. You really should watch it - it is truly inspiring how they changed their life radically and live now nearly self sufficiently...
Family Homestead interview, part 1 of 2:

Family Homestead interview, part 2 of 2:

An interview with a very inspiring russian woman when I was at the 
artandcraftfestival.com in Russia. What a radical change she made in life...
Svetlana shared her amazing story from luxury to true happiness living in one of the 220 ecovillages in Russia inspired by Anastasia - and the best selling books - Ringing Cedars of Russia by Vladimir Megre - with millions of Russians (and also many from other countries) reading and changing their lives from these books... See her poem at the end she wrote even before she changed her life - published in a glam magazine...

For more info about Russia family homesteads please check this site: http://www.spaceoflove.com/dolm_tour.htm