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How to join Eco-Minded affiliate program

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Eco-Minded Affiliate program is a good opportunity to earn money by selling the best organic eco-friendly products produced in Russian family homesteads to your friends and like-minded people.

We work on the basis of dropshipping system, which makes it much easier for you. Your main and only task is to promote your affiliate link in your channels: your website, blog, Social Networks or by giving it to people. As soon as your customer makes a purchase on Eco-Minded site we take care about all the rest: packing, shipping, tracking, returnes and of course we pay you a commission for each sale.

The original commission rate is set as 10% for all Eco-Minded items. Commission payments are made via PayPal.

To become an Eco-Minded affiliate click on the "Affiliate" link in the main menu or "Affiliate program" in the right top corner, "Request a new affiliate account and link" and fill in the registration form. You can also use Social Network login options. Your new account will be approved within 24 hours and you will get an affiliate link like this: http://ecominded.net/?atid=123 (there may be any number instead of 123) - this will be your main account and link, which refers to the entire site.

How to make a link to a certain product or category.

There are 2 possible ways how you can get your new affiliate link for a certain product or category.

Way Number 1. Requesting Admin help.

1. Contact Eco-Minded Club Admin at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and make a request about a new affiliate link for a certain product or category.

2. Within 24 hour you will get an email with your new affiliate link which refers to a certain product or category. For example, for wooden press barrels it will look like this: http://ecominded.net/press-barrels/?atid=123

3. Save your new link in excel or txt file on your computer - this way you can sort out and track your multiple affiliate links.

Please note that for each affiliate link you can create a new affiliate account. If you want to sell wooden press-barrels, for example, you put "Press-barrels" as the name of your account - this way you can also sort out and track your multiple affiliate links in your dashboard. Similarly, to sell Russian flat-cutters as the name of your account you put "Permaculture tools", for certain healing kits you put "Lyapko applicators", or "Orthopedic seats" or "Su Jok Therapy set" etc.

Way Number 2. Creating an affiliate link yourself.

Any affiliate link consist of 2 parts: the URL refering to a certain product, category or subcategory and your unique ID (looking like this: /?atid=123).

To create a product affiliate link you take its URL path and replace ".html" with your affiliate ID: /?atid=123
For instance, an affiliate link for 2 litre wooden press-barrel will look like this:

And to help you, in the table below you will find affiliate links to all main Eco-Minded Club categories.

 Body/mind healing kits  http://ecominded.net/body-mind/?atid=123
 Books, DVDs  http://ecominded.net/books-dvds/?atid=123
 Cedar products  http://ecominded.net/cedar-products/?atid=123
 Eco cosmetics  http://ecominded.net/natural-cosmetics/?atid=123
 Eco detergents, soaps  http://ecominded.net/natural-detergents/?atid=123
 Folk arts and crafts  http://ecominded.net/handcrafts/?atid=123
 Heirloom seeds  http://ecominded.net/heirloom-seeds/?atid=123
 Herbs, teas & mixes  http://ecominded.net/organic-herbs-tea/?atid=123
 Honey bee products  http://ecominded.net/honey-bee-products/?atid=123
 Natural pharmacy  http://ecominded.net/natural-pharmacy/?atid=123
 Organic natural oils  http://ecominded.net/natural-oils/?atid=123
 Whole grains organic  http://ecominded.net/organic-grains/?atid=123

To make them work for you, just replace the number "123" by your affiliate link ID.

Attention: For some products and groups of products you may get higher commission rate, 15, 20, 30 or 50 %. Please contact Yury Smirnov at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to discuss possible commission rates for certain products.

How to access your dashboard to see your affiliate link.

1. Click on "Affiliate" link in the menu.

2. Enter your Login and Password and click "Log in" (or use Social Network login)

You will get to your dashboard, where you can see your affiliate links and where you have access to all the information you need about your accounts, traffic, conversions, commissions and payments.