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Phyto-tea "20 herbs", 50 g

Wild organic herbs mix
The mix of 15 natural wild herbs, flowers and fruits collected in the purest foothils of Cuacasus mountains: beneficial for your health, it has recovery and generally revitalising effect.
Put 1-2 table spoons in a teapot, pour some hot water, wait for about 5 minutes and enjoy its rich and very pleasant fragrance and taste. You can also add some honey, lemon or ginger.

The list of the herbs:
1. Purple loosestrife (Lat.: Lythrum salicaria)
2. Alexandrian clover (Lat.: Trifolium alexandrinum) 
3. Oregano (Lat.: Origanum vulgare)
4. Horsemint (Lat.: Mentha longifolia)
5. Lemon balm (Lat.: Melissa officinalis)
6. Meadow sage (Lat.: Salvia pratensis)
7. Field horsetail (Lat.: Equisetum arvense)
8. Thyme (Lat.: Thymus vulgaris)
9. Common agrimony (Lat.: Agrimonia eupatoria)
10. King's clover (Lat.: Melilotus officinalis) 
11. St. John's wort (Lat.: Hypericum perforatum)
12. Bur beggar-ticks (Lat.: Bidens tripartita)
13. Succory (Lat.: Cichorium intybus)
14. Mullein (Lat.: Verbascum)
15. Gipsy-wort (Lat.: Lycopus europaeus)
16. Wild camomile (Lat.: Matricaria chamomilla): flowers
17. Blackberry (Lat.: Rubus vulgaris): leaves, flowers
18. Wild carrot (Lat.: Dáucus caróta): inflorescence 
19. Cinnamone rose (Lat.: Rosa majalis): petals
20. Elderberry (Lat.: Sambucus nigra): fruits




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