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Pillow "Magical Sleep" 40x50

Natural cedar chips
Description Size: 40 x 50 cm
Fiber: cotton 100%

Filler: cedar (Pinus Sibirica) woodchips.

Packing: zipped plastic bag.

Cedar chips pillow has remarkable orthopedic properties. It is flexible enough to provide firm yet comfortable support to the neck, which results in a deep, restful and healthy sleep.

Produced from a natural material, this pillow does not have any contraindications and prevents accumulation of static electricity.

Cedar Pillow has a great history in ancient folk medicine. Healers believed that Cedar has a variety of different benefits:
- Relieves nervous tension.
- Assists in deep relaxation.
- Assists in deep healthy sleep and rest.
- Assists in stress relief.
- Gives a feeling of morning freshness.
- Improves blood circulation.
- Normalizes blood and inner cranial pressure.
- Decreases pain in both head and neck areas.
- Cedar ethers mobilize spiritual aspects of a Human being.


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