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Rodnoe-2, DVD (online)

For online download
Description Rodnoe Kin's settlement, film 2. Winter
Rodnoe (derived from Russian "Rodina" (Mother land)), an inspiring documentary about people co-creating their Kin's domains.

Presented by film production company "Antey", Russia, 2005, 45 mins.
Producer and script writer Andrey Shadrov
Translated into English by Yuri Smirnov, dubbed on Stavropol TV studio with help of native speakers.
Russia, 2008.

Winter comes to Eco-village of Kin's domains "Rodnoe". The land is covered with snow. It's time for renewal and contemplation of what has been created during the summer time. How do the villagers survive the winter? What do they actually do in winter? How to create a true Space of Love and to live in harmony with Nature, animals and all other of God's creations? Watch the Farewell Winter celebration. Enjoy watching film # 2 about winter time in the Eco-village "Rodnoe".

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