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Saw-wort honey, 450 g

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Raw organic honey, collected from saw-wort flowers growing in the Russia's Far East.

The honey is naturally crystallized, thick and dense, has white color with shade of green.

The proposed honey has been extracted in the purest place on Earth - in the wilderness of the Russia's Far East taiga (100 km from the nearest settlement) by the "old believers" communities. 

Saw-wort honey has very intence aroma and is also revered for its healing powers. 

* it increases immunity of the body.
* it is useful in hemorrhoids, anemia, vomiting, fever, mental illness and digestive tract diseases
* it is used to relieve headaches, to lower blood pressure,
* it is used to treat hernia, neurosis, malignant tumors, paralysis, epilepsy.

Saw-wort honey is recommended for diabetic patients, naturally, after consulting with the treating physician. Read more about saw-wort healing properties here

The taste is very tender, sweet but not sugary, with long-lasting aftertaste. It is a true temptation: when you try it once you cannot help to take it more. )))

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