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«Seven flowers» massage oil, 150 ml

body massage oil cream
Description Action: It moisturizes, regenerates. It has good anti-oxidant properties, reduces swelling, stimulates lymphatic drainage, improves blood circulation, activates lipid metabolism. It gives good sliding effect, nourishes the skin for a long time, it is easily absorbed.

Ingredients: Bee wax, cold pressed oils: Raisin-seed, Milk thistle, Amaranth, Olive. Oil extracts of: Red clover, White clover, Lucern, Wild Camomile, Black elderberry. Essential oils of Geranium, Lavender, Ylang-ylang, Jasmine.

Suggested use: To use massage your body in a circular motion.

Recommendations: It`s better to use this oil after hot and steam bathing or sauna.

Volume: 150 ml.  Expiry: 12 months.

Store: in a cool and dark place.

For all types of oil massage.

Please read this interview with Svetlana, the author of the bio cosmetic Yaga: http://ecominded.net/news/alive-cosmetic-yaga.html


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