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“Spicy bouquet” balm, 250ml

For oral cavity treatment, 250ml
Description Action: It stops gums bleeding, prevents inflammations, propagating of the pathogenic bacteria, promotes fast healing of wounds in an oral cavity, provides fresh breath.

Ingredients: Water, Clove, Cinnamon, St John's wort, Ground Ivy, Oak bark, Juniperus, Citric acid.

Suggested use: To rinse a mouth within 40-60 seconds after meal.

Recommendations: For bigger efficiency it is better not to eat food and liquids within 30 minutes after using.

Volume: 250 ml.  Expiry: 6 months from the moment of opening.

Store: at room temperature.

Please read this interview with Svetlana, the author of the bio cosmetic Yaga: http://ecominded.net/news/alive-cosmetic-yaga.html


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