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Spinach Uteusha (shavnat)

Unique food and medicinal plant
Description It is actually a sorrel which does not contain sorrel acid.
Its size, yield and value are unbelievable. It is a perennial plant photophilous, first greens in early spring, rich in vitamins, fodder and medicinal culture.

For protein, vitamin and carotene content it takes one of the first places among the vegetables and fodder plants, for vitamin C and carotene content it is comparable with citrus cultures, also contains vitamins E, B1 , B2, B6, B15, macro- and microelements and others.

The leaves and stalks are used for salads, it can be used to cook delicious green borscht, soups, seasoning to meat dishes, it can be used for pickling, salting, drying, cooking juice, to make jams, jellies, compotes.


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