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Vedic Russia gatherings and festivals

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Every year eco-villages and eco-communities of Russian family homesteads (kin's domains) have different celebrations, folklore festivals and gathering. We call them gatherings of Vedic Russia, they revive true Russian spirit, Russian Vedic traditions, costumes and rituals from the old days... 

Vedrussia (Sinegorie) is one of the biggest eco-villages of Kin's domains in Russia, with 270 families owning 550 hectares of land. It is located in the hills at 45 km from Krasnodar (130 km from the Black sea). I filmed some beautiful moments of the different festivals and now you can enjoy my short videos below:

Below you will find the dates of the gatherings they usually have every year in Vedrussia (45 km from Krasnodar).

1) "Dancing Russia", June 9th - 11th,
2) Summer solstice Festival, June 14th - 20th.
3) Two Hearts - One Melody (Soulmates gathering), September 12 - 17

Another popular place for Vedic Russia gatherings is a valey of Zhane river at Vozrozhdenie village, Gelendzhik region (25 km from Gelendzhik and the Black sea). Their festivals are listed below.

1) "From Heart to heart", June 17th - 23d,
2) Annual Festival of Positive Creation,  September 21st - 28th. It is the most famous and popular Festival of Vedic Russia (more than 3000 like-minded people come every year).

Please enjoy some inspiring videos from the festivals.

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We also have a huge collection of photographs from different Vedic Russia festivals/tours/retreats, we placed all of them on Flickr, please click on the Flickr link below and enjoy:

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