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Healthy air-trition versus Healthy nutrition

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Mind blowing facts, most likely you never heard about... 
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...Here we begin to pull down the foundation of some healthy nutrition technics.
Question 1: How much meal do you eat during a day? In kgs.
The answer: 1 to 3 kgs.
Question 2: What else do you consume during a day?
The answer: Air.
Question 3: What is the weight of the air passing through your lungs during a day? In kgs.
The answer: From 10 kgs of air in a pretty quiet lying down state, to 24 kgs in a more or less active-vigorous state.
(For more info please google it) Pregnant women add upto 30-40 %.
Severe sportsmen - your figures come upto 35-40 kgs at heavy and long-term workouts.
Now let's compare weight of the «meal from a plate» and the air which we consume.
The divergence in kgs strikes:
24 kgs of air against 1 to 3 kg of donuts gets inside to be digested.
Breathing is the same process of digesting like eating, just through the lungs. We "eat" air! 24 kgs a day.
It is important now to consider air as food, and breathing as eating.
Make such assumption at least for the time you read this text.
The structure of a city air... it is fearfull to list, for it drives in depression
I googled the structure of the city air and now I am assured that we can safely drink from the puddles and even take a few sips from a nearby wastewater river.
In comparison with 24 kgs of "goodies" we inhale every day, a petrol puddle is nothing!
We still have to detoxify ourselves from all those mechanical poisonous suspensions, we have to do something about pathogenic microbes and bacteria we have inhaled.

So, strangely enough, mucus and running nose are our friends-saviours.
However they can't save us from hundreds of different poisons and a trouble with air ionisation.
Those whose mucous don't work in the city, are in real trouble.

Question 4: What kind of healthy nutrition is needed with two kgs of healthy meal a day!?
What's the sence in vegetarianism, separate nutrition or "high vibration" organic fruits!?
After consuming 24 kgs of all this shit daily we can safely lick hand-rails in a subway.
We are hostages of the cities.
And we can't stop breathing.
Therefore we have lost the flair.
Now it is important to see:
The smell, the flair, the air - are connected to breath, to spirit.
There is a pure spirit and there is also an unpure spirit.
It turns out, that when we breathe unpure, smelly city air - we "eat" unpure spirit.
We take unpure spirit.
Do not know about yours, but it rises perturbation in my spirit!

From this perturbation I say:
Damn the recommendations of dieticians, they pulled the wool over our eyes so much that we peacefully work as walking filters with productivity of 24 kgs a day.
I have acquaintances who eat only berries-fruit-juice, they stock up boxes of super-eco-organic products.
So what? This is still 2 or 3 kgs of super-eco a day - simply breathe for 2 hours and you can eat rissoles from the floor.
Even if you are a successful businessman or a champion, a sportsman, see, we all, more or less are the kings of the dustbin.
We are filtering 1 kg of shit per hour all the same.
And our children will inherit this.
In addition to the apartment with healthy nutrition recommendations hanging on the wall.
There is still one hope that the fire inside has not gone yet due to unpure spirit.
That the head is working and the mind is looking for the output.

In my book "5 exercises" I will offer you fiery exercise «Pure Spirit».
And today I will give you only one reasoning,
Which can help you right now, can give you hope and power.

I begin with a little story.
Last summer we were in leafy forest with a whole family.
At the edge of the forest we found a small group of pine trees.
We began to come there for 2-3 hours every day, simply to take a walk, to chat, to wave hands.
Later I found in the Internet that such practice is very popular in Taiwan-Japan, and it is called "bathing in the forest".
Nevertherless, a week later we noticed, that the skin of our faces became cleaner and brighter.
We have checked this up on representative areas of lungs on a body - yes, it became better and not only with lungs.

You can test it yourself right now:
1) Look at your thumb nails, if they have some roughnesses (longitudinal lines) or signs of fungal deseases, this is "Hello from lungs".
2) Lie face down and let the assistant put his left palm on your back, and knock with the right fist through the rear side of his palm.
Let him knock through softly and confidently (skipping the area of kidneys)
If you want to cough in a certain place during the process - go for it.
And one should knock in that place as long as you cough.
They say that this is a test and a healing at the same time.
If one don't knock too hard of course )))
3) When your cheeks become bright red because of the frost or physical exercises this is "Hello from lungs" too.
4) Townspeople is the most reliable sign of problems with lungs.
The social status and prosperity do not protect from it.

So, after these pine walks I began to think about it and began to search for information.
I have found that cedar forest produces 6 times more phytoncides and essencial oils, than pine forest.
1 hectare of cedar forest or juniper bush is able to cope with air purifing in a million population city.
Please follow the reasoning what has turned out further:
The power of phytoncides and essencial spirits is amazing!
This is 70 % solution on ionisation and cleaning of microbes.
Cedar trees are called healers of the air.

Plant one of these for yourself (on your land, near the window, on your back yard) and you will get a personal fountain - a spring of constantly flowing healing air.
It is important to see it as a spring which flows permanently with healing power and purify your air.
10 trees = 10 springs.
They cover area like a dome even at constant winds.
Because they are springs - endless busy springs.
I made some calculations and it turns out, that 1 cedar tree purifies air for 1500 people (I considered 1 hectare of cedar trees planted every 4-5 metres)
For a small town with 50,000 population there is at least 30 cedars needed.
For a city with 300,000 population - 200 cedars.
The cost of the 30 cedars is incomparable to free 24 kgs of pure air.
You can plant cedars with your own hands 
And with the hands of your neighbours.

For example:
I recently ordered a box with 300 cedars (3-year-old seedlings).
They will send it by the transport company to the nearest small town.
I arranged with a local garden shop, that they give away 50 seedlings to all visitors of the shop, as a gift.
Tomorrow I will contact local "Green" activists, I will give into their green hands upto 100 cedars, to plant an alley in the city in honour of the 70th anniversary of the Victory (in the Second World War).
The city administration will meet this green initiative with pleasure.
Because both the material and the hands are present.
I will also donate some to the church and in to the mosque.
I will give some to the neighbours of my settlement, 2 items in hands.
Through an acquaintance working in city schools I will give the rests of cedars, to plant them in school gardens.
For myself I ordered 2 full boxes of adult seedlings (8-10 years)
I will plant the "healing springs" near my Tower.

The reasoning is simple:
12 seedlings are equal to 20-year-old cedar tree by the quantity of of phytoncides and essencial spirits.
Besides 8-year-old seedlings give a great increase in growing,
I multiply by quantity of cedars from 2 boxes (12 items) and it is like I get a new 20-year-old cedar every year.
What an incredible spring of healing air round the house! 
Just this one will cover with a dome of essential spirits a whole settlement.
And my neighbours have cedars too. )))
I know that the followers and the members of the "Mindfull Buyers Club" have already planted tens of thousand of cedar trees.
Thanks to the idea of "Joint Purchase". 
This is when hundreds or thousands of people make a joint order for a great amount of cedars at once for a wholesale price directly from a nurserygarden.

I wish you all the best,
P.S. From my own experience I would suggest:
Take adult seedlings (8-10 year-old) to plant on your own plot of land, 

And to plant in the city you better take smaller (3-year-old) but more in number, 300 at once.
You spend a penny but you will look into your children's eyes with ease.
Translated by Yury Smirnov, September 2015

Translator's note: Finding a place where you can order and buy cedar seedling may be quite an issue, so if you want to participate in this initiative I would suggest you to grow cedars (Pinus Sibiricca) from seeds and then plant them in your own garden and if you will have some extra you can give your seedling away to your neighbours.
And to help you with this I wrote an article: How to grow cedars from nuts.  
To get cedar seeds (Pinus Sibirica) in cones please click here.

Translator's note 2: Pinus Sibirica is the best air purifying option for you if you live in moderate and continental climate zones.
For hot, tropical zones, we would suggest to grow junipers. Please click on the link to order juniper seeds: