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Silk foot cream, 30 ml

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Action: Helps your skin to become smoother. It`s good to massage your legs to loosen foot, shin and ankle muscles. It has good antibacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Ingredients: Bee wax, Olive oil, infused with herbs: St John's wort, Ground ivy; Fir needle oil, Essential oils of Lavender, Thuja, Tea tree, Eucalypt, Peppermint, Cedar (Pinus Sibirica).

Suggested use: Clean your feet and ankles, then massage them with a cream once a day (in the evening).

Recommendations: It would be more effective to massage acupoints. Use cream after 10-15 minutes foot soak with herbs and essential oils or after bathing.

Volume: 30 ml.  Expiry: 12 months.

Store: in a cool and dark place.

For all skin types.

Please read this interview with Svetlana, the author of the bio cosmetic Yaga (Siya):

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