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Conifer green needle complex: Lesmin, 80 tablets in a jar.

Paste coniferous contains: (chlorophyll derivatives, vitamin E, carotinoids, phytosterols, skvalen, phytoncides), MKTs, potato starch. Contains in each tablet: a chlorophyll – 2 mg, vitamin E – 0,6 mg, carotinoids – 0,13 mg, phytosterols – 30 mg, phytoncides – 65 mg.


* reduces risk of emergence and development of oncological diseases, atherosclerosis, diabetes, cataract, arthroses and other diseases;
* strengthens blood formation, promotes restoration of fabrics;
* normalizes a fatty exchange;
* supports reproductive health, slows down aging;
* regulates a condition of cellular membranes;
* increases immunity, suppresses pathogenic viruses, bacteria.

Lesmin dietary supplement is applied:

* in complex therapy of coronary heart disease, for decrease in risk of development of atherosclerosis and the related cardiovascular diseases, for correction of moderately expressed violations of a lipidic exchange;
* for decrease in risk of developing of malignant tumors of bodies of a digestive tract, a mammary gland, a prostate, lungs, skin;
* for blood formation normalization: increases of level of hemoglobin and erythrocytes in blood, protection of development of leukocytes at toxic influences, at cytostatic chemotherapy at oncological patients;
* for increase of immunity, the prevention of flu and other SARS;
* for strengthening of immune protection of an organism at the persons contacting to tubercular patients.

Recommendations about application:

Lesmin dietary supplement is recommended to be accepted to adults and children 12 years on 1–3 tablets 2–3 times a day are more senior during meal. An average preventive dose – 3 tablets a day. For correction of various pathological shifts – 4–6 tablets a day; the recommended reception duration – 1–3 months. To children from 7 to 12 years about 1 tablet 2 times a day is recommended to accept. For the purpose of prevention of oncological and cardiovascular diseases of "Lesmin" it is recommended to accept for a long time or courses, for 3–6 months.

Contraindications: individual intolerance of components.

Release form: 80 tablets in packing.

Storage conditions: an expiration date – 3 years.

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