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How to Order and Pay

Ecominded shop manual.

Delivery information.

1. We ship to ANY country worldwide (the USA, Canada, Europe etc) without exception. However, the shipping to Poland, Finland, Australia and New Zealand become a bit more complicated. We couldn't ship directly to these countries, but our friend Jerome's PO box in Switzerland is now your delivery point. Your orders will go there first, then get shipped to your address. Takes longer and costs a bit more, but at least you'll get your ecominded goods from Russia. 

For regular delivery we use Russian registered post (your signature may be required upon receipt). It usually takes from 15 to 30 days, depending on the country.

2. You recieve an email with your postage ID which you can trace here:

3. The shipping cost depends on the total weight of the parcel including boxes and wrapping. If you get a message like "No shipping options available" it means either that the total weight of your order exceeds 11-12 kg or that your country is not included into Eco-Minded shipping list. In this case please proceed by clicking FastOrder button in your Shopping cart  or just write Yury to [email protected] and ask for help.

Payment information.

Due to the sanctions Direct payment to Russia is only available from European countries via From other countries the payments to be made to my son Andy Smirnov living in Australia, please see the photos and read about our mission here: . Considering the circumstances we are offering the following  payment options: 

1. From the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Sweden and other European countries via  ( to one of the following MIR card: 2200 3005 6707 2580  , Yuriy Smirnov (you may need to register and verify your identity to send the money). Please note: on you can choose either to enter the card number or go via Google Pay (GPay), if you have you card registered there - sometimes it works better than just the card number. 

2. Send the money from any country onto Wise account to the following recipient: Jerome Bernard Wittmer email: [email protected], phone: +33 632357173  (You may need to register and verify your Wise account) Important: the money to be sent to Jerome's Wise account, please don't send the money to bank account.

3. Send the money online through Western Union site: following the payment instruction below:

3.1 Register and verify an account with WesternUnion online: .
3.2 Click on Send Money button, s
elect Australia as receiver's country and enter the amount in your currency.
3.3 For receiver to get the money select "Cash pick up"   
3.4 Click on Pay online, select how would you like to pay: by debit card, credit card or bank account, click "Continue" and proceed with the payment. Please don't forget to provide MTCN number!

4. Make a direct bank transfer to National Australian Bank using details below:

Bank name: NAB
Name: Andy Smirnov
BSB: 082-343
Acc: 81-681-3290 

And here is the physical address of Andy Smirnov:

NSW, Surry Hills 2010
63/6 poplar street

5. Pay in Ethereum to the following ETH wallet: 0x8B1bf54F2aDb285D80075DC13b754E92526b6324 : secure and easy pay with law commission. Important: please use Ethereum Network only when you make a payment!

No problem if you don't have Ethereum wallet, just click on the link  and follow the instruction - it will only take 10 minutes to register Ethereum wallet (for iPhone or smartphone you may need to download Metamask application).

Then you need to purchase some Ethereum - an equivalent of your order amount (please contact Yury at [email protected] to confirm the amount in ETH) and send it to the following ETH-address: 0x8B1bf54F2aDb285D80075DC13b754E92526b6324 

6. If you want to pay via PayPal, send the money in Euro to [email protected]  Please contact Yury at [email protected] if you have any questions or concerns. Important: please convert the amount to Euro before sending it to PayPal account! Also please don't mention your order number in a comment, just write: for Yury Smirnov

If you still have any troubles or questions, please click on Fast Order button, enter your email and we will come back to you within 24 hours and help with everything. 

How to use Fast Order.

Use Fast Order button if you have difficulties with normal Checkout. It allows us to process your order manually. And you can also use it to ask a question about a product or anything else.

Select the items you wish to order, go to Shopping Cart and click on Fast Order button and enter your name and email in the pop-up form, then click Checkout and your Fast Order message will be sent.

We reply with your order details, shipping and total costs within 24 hours.