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Cedar nut oil / sea buckthorn

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Virgin cold-pressed (on wooden presses) cedar nut oil made from Siberian cedar nuts (Pinus Sibirica).
Cedar nut oil of the Ringing Cedars of Russia brand is produced in ecologically pure environment in remote places of Siberian taiga.

Sea buckthorn oil contains  polyunsaturated fatty acids, dense amounts of tocopherols, tocotrienols and plant sterols, it has anticarcinogenic properties.

Cedar Oil in Natural Medicine.
Cedar Oil in Cosmetology.

To support you immune system and for prophylaxis purposes take in one table spoon of cedar nut oil every morning, before you eat anything.

Useful elements of sea buckthorn oil allow to use it as a multivitamin remedy for vitamin deficiency and also to improve physical and mental activity .
Sea buckthorn oil is used as an antibacterial agent.
Sea buckthorn oil is useful in treatment of the digestive system. The components of the oil reduces the acidity of the gastrointestinal tract, heal gastritis and ulcers, help for hepatitis.
Useful properties of oils help to eliminate various defects of the skin: oil smoothes the joints, heals sores, burns, ulcers .
Sea buckthorn oil is effectively used for radiation, chemical, radioactive skin lesions.
Useful properties of sea buckthorn oil is also used in the treatment of dental diseases: stomatitis, pulpitis, periodontitis.
From time immemorial it is known about the effectiveness of sea buckthorn oil in the treatment of gynecological diseases associated with erosions and tumors.

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