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Hand-forged Slavic axe #2

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Compact outdoors bearded axe in Slavic style, etched with Slavic signs, hand-forged and made from carbon steel using traditional blacksmith methods.

Note: it may take upto 10 days for a blacksmith to complete an axe - place a preorder!

It will be a perfect companion in your ventures through the wilds, through the woods, or at the cabin to make kindling to warm your hearthside. It could be also a cute decorative object in your home or handy tool. This axe can be used for all sorts of task include carving, chopping and splitting kindling, and field dressing small game. It is sharpened. 

Sizes: Length of the handle (made of birch wood): 40-45 cm (15.75" - 17.71") Length of the axe head: 17 cm (6.69") Working length of the blade: 12 cm (4.72") 

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