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Massager Pharaoh-M

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Massager Pharaoh-M is made of eco-friendly wear-resistant polymer that is not electrified by frictions. To strengthen the healing effect, a magnet is built into the base of the Pharaoh-M massager, which creates a permanent magnetic field adapted to the human body. The presence of a magnet makes it possible to provide a comprehensive impact on the patient's body - massage + magnetotherapy.

The shape of the molecule of massager Pharaoh-M resembles methane gas, which is the basis of the universe. The proportions of the pyramid correspond to the principle of the golden section. Additional tabs on the massage surfaces - lumps of different forms (in the form of hemispheres and cones with rounded top) are converted each ball into harmonious pyramid. With these projections the efficiency of the massager increases. The projections form is a complex combination of lenses, which, in turn, focus light-energy beams and direct them to the massaged surface. The essence of the massage is to move stagnant energy and restore energy balance.

Massager allows you to maintain a massage favorable structure of the field, which is especially important during a massage of the head. Duration of massage and its intensity determines the desired effect.
• Long massage (15 minutes or more) contributes to the overall relaxation of muscles, creating a sedative (calming) effect.
• Short massage, 3-7 minutes, has a tonic and stimulating effect. During the session you should do a circular motion, clockwise or up and down.
To improve the sliding massage, it should be done through a thin cloth or light clothing. Exposed areas of the body can be massaged using massage cream.

Using the massager Pharaoh-M, you can do overall, spot and anti-cellulite massage. Massager Pharaoh-M allows to do cellulite massage, moving the massager upwards from the knee to the hip and other problem areas. This massage breaks down cellulite deposits and stimulates blood circulation, strengthens the vital processes of cells of the skin, muscles and promotes their renewal. As a result - the conditions appear, both for activation of metabolic processes and fat reduction. Before a session of anti-cellulite massage, it’s important to warm up (using the bath, shower or bath).

Alternating use of each of the parties of the massager Pharaoh-M is caused by a variety of sensations, allowing to use the massage for any age, body weight, sensitivity, a specific task.


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