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LAP needle ball

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Lyapko Needle Ball made of medical rubber with fixed needles in it. The needles are made of different metals that are necessary for the body: zinc, copper, iron and silver.
Needle step 4 mm. Ball diameter 50 mm. Number of needles: 656

Use applicator Needle Ball as written below.
If you have problems associated with the conductivity of the nervous system and mental activity, it is necessary to act on the hands and feet, which are the projection zones of all organs and systems of the human body.
This local effect develops fine motor skills and tactile sensitivity of limbs, contributes to the development and rehabilitation of brain function of children and adults.

Applicator Needle Ball is useful for "finger exercises", widely used by child psychologists, valeology, speech therapists, rehab, neurologists and defectologists - physicians working with children with speech, neuromuscular delay, for mental and psychomotor development, cerebral palsy, in case of ICP and other diseases.

Areas of application of Needle Ball:
• To relieve stress. When riding a ball stimulates nerve endings and many biologically active points on the palm. It creates a nice relaxing sensation;
• When stress - stress state of the autonomic nervous system (cold hands, numb fingers),
• To restore motor function of the feet, hands and fingers from injury, removal of plaster after a stroke at the stage of home rehabilitation;
• Speech delay of children (speech therapy practice for training of fine finger movements),
• Helps to relieve stiffness, lead muscle tone, eliminate cooling fingertips caused by excitement and remove fatigue and pain in the forearm due to long-term classes.

Important: please read this article for details, watch the videos and learn indications and contraindications for use of applicators!

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