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Wooden press-barrel, 2 litres

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Get 2 litres wooden enclosure to make the best natural oils (cold pressed oil)  - in our natural oil store.
Includes plywood bottom, plywood piston, ash wood barrel/cask secured by 2 steel hoops, wooden drain pipe and a special filter bag for the nuts/seeds. 

Attention: for pre-order only! It may take 2-3 weeks for the craft master to make a press-barrel for you.

Material: ash wood
Hoops: rolled strip steel, bolted with 2 stainless steel hex screws of quality 8.8
Filter bags: fabric lavsan 1001 with density 145 g/sq.m. (this fabric is widely used as a filter in milk industry)
Total weight: 
about 9.5 kg.

Working pressure: 16-20 tons  - to make oils from different types of nuts and seeds: walnuts, hazelnuts, cedar nuts, pumpkin seeds, linseeds, sesame seeds, hemp seeds etc.

For application instructions please watch the video

Considering the weight the shipping cost will be 150 USD (international airmail).
To place an order please write Yury to [email protected]

The following spare parts are available for additional cost:

* Steel hoop - 23 USD
* Plywood bottom - 39 USD
* Plywood piston - 23 USD
* Filter bag - 17 USD

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