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Remote connection with dolmens

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Bless yourself (and your friend) with a dolmen connection for guidance.

Dolmens of Russia... These ancient stones spread on the wide territory along the Black sea are said to be Keepers of Feelings and Wisdom of our Pristine Origins. Some people come to dolmens as sacred places for pilgrimage. Making a conscious pilgrimage can cause profound changes in yourself and fill you with energy to reach a new level of self-realization. 

Every year many people come to see the dolmens and other sacred places of Vedic Russia in person and we organize guided tours for them. For those who can't take a guided tour, but still want to make a connection with dolmens we suggest to send us your photograph (or the photo of your friend or relative) and we place it at dolmens to help you make remote connection with dolmens through your photo.
Why it works?

It is well-known that a photograph of a person is spiritually connected to the original. You can ask psychics to make a photo reading for you and they will tell you a lot about the person on the photo.

It is also known that a photograph of a person (or anything that belongs to the person), being placed in a sacred place, somehow connects the energy of the place to the real person. This way you make remote spiritual connection with sacred places and photos is the easiest way to connect.

What to do?

If you decide to go for it, please click on PayPal "Buy Now" button.
We suggest you to pay 9.0 EURO to cover our expences. 

And don't forget to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. :) 

How to work with photographs of dolmens for guidance.

Take some time during the course of the day when you can spend twenty to thirty minutes for yourself. It is best in the morning, right after awakening, to prepare your spirit for the day, or in the evening, when you have time to think, understand and process what may happen and to dream about the future. Take your time and look carefully through the photos of the Dolmens. Choose one of them that appeals to you. Define your problem or purpose as carefully as you can with the question foremost on your mind: What do you want to ask the Dolmen-Energy? You may also state what you wish to change in yourself or in your life.

Greet the Spirit of the Dolmen. Close your eyes and try to visualize the image of the chosen Dolmen in your mind. While trying to create inner silence, not being distracted by extraneous thoughts, ask the question or decision for which you want the Dolmen's help. (Stay present for fifteen to twenty minutes). Having asked your question, listen inside yourself for the answer. It may seem hard to believe, but answers will surely follow. It is better to write down the answers on a piece of paper for later. Additional understanding, realizations and insights may continue to occur. Having finished your work, give thanks to the Dolmen and say goodbye to it.

There is one essential prerequisite when working with Dolmens, which is pureness of thoughts and aspirations.

For dolmen pictures please browse these photo-albums from our dolmen tours.