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From Dying to Living

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The Prayer of Life.
Four Magic Affirmations to Fulfill Your Life.
Written by Yury Y. Smirnov in October 2018.

Edited by Regina Jensen and republished in October 2021 under the title: From Dying to Living.

Available in digital format only (in PDF)

What prevent us to be happy in life?
How do our emotions/feelings effect our life?
Are we really mirrors of each other?
Can we change our life for better?

Covering wide spectrum of vital issues this eBook will help you understand the true causes of our life problems and HOW we can fix our life by changing our attitudes towards people and situations.

Those who have read this book say that it contains vitally important knowledge that may namely change your entire life, as well as the entire life of the author's family by giving it a chance to raise enough money to biuld their dream home.

"It is not just theories and meanderings of an idle brain. It is live practical knowledge received from the so-called "dolmen sages", experienced through my own emotions and feelings, and proven in my own life, which is actually all that anyone can do, no matter WHAT one calls it" - Yury Smirnov



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