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Permaculture Design + Appropriate Technology course (download)

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This PDC brings together some of the best minds in the permaculture community. With a variety of backgrounds and areas of expertise, these instructors convey their knowledge during the 2017 Homesteaders Permaculture Design Course.

The Appropriate Technology course:

1. Solar - (passive, heating, cookers, ovens, dryers. Panels, charging, storage, lighting, mobile powered units).
2. Heating Temperate shelters - rocket stoves ( dimensions, materials, uses (hotwater, oven, cooking, mass heating). wood stoves, solar, thermal mass, insulation, floors, composting. Thermal mass greenhouses
3. Cooling Tropical shelters - shade, wind, ground cooling ducts, orientation, thermal mass, roofs
4. Water - filtering, purity, potibility, design, pumps, swales, ponds, air wells, drilled wells, collection systems, storage, IBC's, Grey water (recycling, uses, low cost methods, legal, productive uses)
5. Sustainability - energy audits, home, farm, food security - measurement
6. BioChar - production and use
7. Compost Toilets - Types, designs, Humanure, urine, safety, regulation, reality.


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