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Spicy Herbs Kitchen garden kit

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Start a mini herb garden on your kitchen windowsill, 20 seed packs, free shipping

Also learn How to Grow from Seeds and Seedlings - it will be really helpful for beginners. 

Full list of seeds (click on the picture to see the packs): 

1. Rosmarine
2. Tarragon (estragon)
3. Thyme
4. Coriander
5. Dill (retro)
6. Cumin
7. Parsley (flat leaf)
8. Salad Red
9. Salad Curly
10. Oregano
11. Celery leaf
12. Basil green
13. Basil purple
14. Lovage
15. Garden cress
16. Hyssop
17. Pepermint
18. Sorrel
19. Arugula (rukkola)
20. Lemon balm

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