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Russian flat-cutter (set of 2)

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Important note: there should be only 2 holes on the handle (not 3). That's why only 2 screws come with the flat-cutter. The 2 lower holes on the metal part of the flat-cutter are used for adjusting. You should choose one or another hole to adjust the angle of the flat-cutter, most comfortable for you.

The most common, universal tool.
Handle is not included - the oversized length of a handle makes delivery cost so high that we counted for the best to offer you 2 options:
1. Make a handle yourself or with the help of a friend or a handyman - please check this page for detailed step-by-step instructions: "How to make a handle for ploskorez"
2. Order a handle at ecominded shop - for some extra delivery cost -

More info about ploskorez Fokina here:

Please check available payment options here:

Fokin's ploskorez "LARGE". Adjustable head to best align it to your height.

Indispensable for all soil work (from subsurface down to 150 mm), loosening, planting, mounding, shaping and weeding tasks in larger areas and along long rows.
Weed the patio hard surfaces.
Slash overgrown weeds.
Chop/Mix compost.
Blend fertilisers and compost into the soil.
Mix up concrete.
Contributes to improving soil structure.
Aerates and mellows the soil.
Breaks down clots.
Hoe without moving a lot of soil.
Hook / Rake / Chop / Slash unwanted plant growth.

Fokin's ploskorez "SMALL". Easy to use. Great for "gentle" weeding.

Indispensable precision tool for all soil prepararion work, planting, shaping and weeding tasks, particularly in tight spaces, in-between plants, under structures, water lines, etc.
Weed the patio hard surfaces.
Blend fertilisers and compost into the soil.
Slash overgrown weeds.
Chop/Mix compost.
Mix up concrete.
Important: the hoe needs to be sharpened often, please watch the video:

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Please note: All ploskorezes come directly from Vladimir Fokin family, so every your purchase also supports the inventor's family!