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Polba, 0.4 kg

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Polba is a Russian name of original kind of wheat used from ancient times. Other name: emmer wheat. Latin name: Triticum dicoccum. Please note: Polba is not Spelta, they are different types of wheat.

It is the ancestress of the wheat known to all. Our distant ancestors utilized polba even in the fifth-fourth millennium BC. In Russia, polba porridge was widely known and respected. It was on every table until the XIX century.
It is hardy and early-ripening, resistant to fungal infections. Does not require any chemical fertilizers for cultivation.
It differs by:
- high protein.
- law gluten. Polba is low-allergenic.
- high concentration of amino acids and vitamins B
- Possesses magic, natural taste.

Regular use of polba as food:
* enhances immunity
* normalize weight
* normalize sugar level in blood
* improves the functioning of vascular, endocrine, nervous, digestive and reproductive systems
* reduces risk of development of an anaemia, infectious and oncological diseases.
Useful substances of polba have unique molecular structure and are easily absorbed by the body.

Polba is one of the best vegetarian products and raw living foods.  

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