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Slavnoye, DVD (download)

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Third film of the "Kin's domains of the Earth" series, by Andrey Shadrov.

Film-Narration. Inspiring documentary about Slavnoye Kin's settlement where people are living their dreams, co-creating Kin's domains.

Presented by film production company "Chelovek", Russia, 2007,
STEREO, PAL, 16:9, duration: 43 min
Written, directed and narrated by Andrey Shadrov,
Songs and performance by Alyona Irina.
Translated into English by Yuri Smirnov, dubbed on Stavropol TV studio with help of native speakers.
Russia, 2009.


The story about Russian ecovillages of Kin's domains continue!
More than 150 families have found their home on the beauty fields of the Kin's ecovillage Slavnoye. Each of them has their own story, their own path, but all of them have the same goal – people develop these plots to create their Kin’s domains.

Mikhail Ivanov: - There are many different opportunities in our world for a man to learn something, one can attend various seminars and workshops, I mean that one can cognize oneself infinitely. One of the ideas that really drives us is creating and supporting a lifestyle where we are able to develop ourselves living in our own space. I mean creating the living environment which, by its nature, stimulates our life, our well being and development.
Sergey Terentiev: – Everything gets opened, awakened here somehow; creativity seems to come from nowhere; people begin to write verses, to draw beautiful pictures. I believe this is the influence of the environment, of course, changed goals, maybe a different attitude about the earth, about nature, and about ourselves.

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