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Grow Easy Seeds starter kit

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Essential for beginners: Organic, non-gmo seed starter kit, easy to grow herbs and vegetables, 20 packs, free shipping!

Also learn How to Grow from Seeds and Seedlings - it will be really helpful for beginners. 

Full list of seeds (click on the picture to see the packs): 

1. Spinach Robust
2. Pumpkin sweet (Guitar)
3. White marrow
4. Coriander
5. White daikon
6. Sugar pea (for raw food diet)
7. Parsley (flat leaf)
8. Beetroot Bordo
9. Salad Curly
10. Celery root
11. Celery leaf
12. Turnip yellow (Petrovskaya)
13. Radish Heat
14. Cucumber Fontanelle
15. Cucumber (Far East)
16. Carrot Chantenay
17. Dill (retro)
18. Tomato Pink Giant
19. Tomato Cherry-nut
20. Cabbage white


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