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Your guide and translator

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Greetings from Vedic Russia!
I am Yury Smirnov, Space of Love co-creator, life advisor, founder of Eco-Minded Club and also organizer, guide and translator at Dolmen Tours and Vedic Russia spiritual Retreats.
Went through the thorns and moments of enlightenment and self-realisation. Survived immigration, managed to come back to my mother-land, have two grown up sons living in Australia. Below you will find a brief description of my life path.

1. Russia.

All my conscious life I was pondering questions like "Who am I on the Earth?", "What am I for?", "What is man's predestination?". I was grown up in atheistic traditions of the communist Soviet Union. But I have always felt that there must be something beyond materialistic world. So I began to learn the Bible and Koran trying to read behind the words. I was baptized in a Russian orthodox church when I was 23. Although I visited church sometimes and believed in God's existence I have never been a true Christian. I tried hard to find my own path...
I have been learning many different soul- and spiritual-related teachings: Occultism (black and white magic), Teaching of Dharma (Karma), Theosophy (by Blavatskaya), Agni-Yoga or Alive Ethic (by Rearich), Daoism (Taoism). I knew that I learnt something useful from each of them but none of them could satisfy my soul and inner feeling completely. I have also been interested in natural way of life and alternative (folk) medicine, self-restoration and healing. When I happened to read the "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series by V.Megre and have learnt the teaching of Anastasia, my inner feeling said me: this is it! I could feel that every single word being told by Anastasia has echoed in my soul with true admiration and enthusiasm.

2. New Zealand.

The period of immigration 2001 - 2007. In September, 2003 I experienced something that I consider to be my second birth. I happened to see my past, my current and my future life in a single moment of self-realization. I realized that everything I've done before was meant to bring myself to the path I was about to take. At that day I made the most important decision in my life. I decided to put all my efforts to create my own Space of Love and to spread Anastasia's teaching and ideas around the world.  I could feel that this way I could help myself, my family and even the World to live truely happy, joyful and sustainable life.  Following this path, in 2004 I created a website "Space of Love" dedicated to Anastasia's teaching both in English and Russian, which is still alive although looks quite outdated now.
In 2005, first time in New Zealand, I organized 2 seminar-trainings on "Self-restoration of a Man", the self-healing system created by M.Norbekov (I brought the teachers from Russia).
In "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series Anastasia mentions the dolmens of Northern Caucasus as sacred megaliths left from the great Vedic civilization, she describes them as the keepers of wisdom and feelings of pristine origins. In 2007 together with my clairvoyant friend from Ukraine Victoriya Ivchenko we decided to start spiritual "Dolmen tours" to bring people to dolmens as sacred places for transformation and self-realization.

3. Vedic Russia

In 2008 I returned to Russia and the same year together with Regina Jensen, my friend from the USA (who also visited the dolmens of Russia in 2007) we started "Space of Love magazine" as an alternative media source of news and views, a space of inspiration and a guide in co-creation of a Global Space of Love. We have been running it until 2013, managed to publish 13 issues (printed and online) and then had to stop it for personal and financial reasons. SOL magazine website is still alive so you can visit it and read some articles online. You can also get some of the printed issues if you write me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
In 2009 I translated into English and organized dubbing by native speaker 3 beautiful and inspiring DVD's about Russian Kin's settlements Rodnoe and Slavnoye. They are available here: https://ecominded.net/books-dvds.html
In September 2009 we launched a series of Dolmen tours for international groups of participants from different countries. You can see the pictures here. Later on our participants began to call Dolmen tour a Pilgrimage for its spiritual nature and many witnessed and recorded amazing experiences, from unusual to extraordinary - mental activity, inner transformations, sensations and events.

In the year 2010 I personally met with Vladimir Megre, the author of "Ringing Cedars of Russia" book series at his press-conference and at the first International Ringing Cedars Festival in Moscow.
In September 2010 we had another inspiring Dolmen tour (pilgrimage).

More Dolmen tour (pilgrimages) followed: September 2011, June 2012, September 2012, September 2013
By that time significant part of my dream came true - I found my beloved one (like-minded woman, dreaming about co-creating our Space of Love (Kin's domain) together and  a little daughter, we got married in 2013.
In March 2014 we moved to Krasnodar region, close to Vedrussia (Sinegorie), one of the biggest eco-community of family homesteads (Kin's domains) in Russia having in mind to get the land and start our own Kin's domain.

During 2014, 2015 and 2016 years our proximity to dolmens, Tekos school and well-developed eco-village of Kin's domains "Vedrussia" turned into significant increase of the groups and singles coming for Dolmen tours (pilgrimages) that finally transformed into Vedic Russia Retreats and Vedic Russia Ethno-Eco-tours.

For upcoming tours and to book your space please click here: https://ecominded.net/ethno-tour/vedic-russia-ethno-eco-tour.html