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$US Dollar

Handle for Russian flat-cutter

  • Product Code: 348
  • Availability: 50

The standard length of the handle may vary between 130 to 135 cm. If you want longer or shorter handle please let us know!
Important notes: 

1. A handle is delivered by separate mail.
2. Due to oversized length of the handle delivery will cost significantly more than usually:

- 37 EURO for Australia, New Zealand (please contact us to arrange your payment!)
- 27 EURO for Norway
- 22 EURO for all other countries.

Alternatively we suggest you to make a handle at home either yourself or with the help of a friend or a handyman
- please refer to this page for detailed illustrated step-by-step  instruction:

Attention: you should use only 2 holes on the handle (not all 3). That's why only 2 bolt and nut sets come with the flat-cutter. The 2 lower holes on the metal part of the flat-cutter are used for adjusting. You should choose one or another hole to adjust the angle of the flat-cutter, most comfortable for you.

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