White corn cutlets with garlic, 230 g

Natural organic food
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ManufacturerVegan Life

Ingredients: white corn flakes, barley flakes, red lentils breading, garlic.

Cooking instructions:

1. Mix the contents of the package with spices and salt in a dish (add grated vegetables and herbs if desired; it is especially tasty with Chinese cabbage). 
2. Add hot water, milk, whey or cream (230-250 g of liquid per 100 g of flakes)
3. Stir well and allow to swell for several minutes. If it is not enough liquid, the cutlets will be dry. If it is more - take a little more time for swelling. 
4. Form cutlets of 1-1.5 cm thick. 
5. Pan in breadcrumbs (or bran) and fry in a pan in a well-heated oil over high heat (so that they are not saturated with butter) until a golden brown crust is formed (3-5 minutes). 

Finished cutlets may be poured over your favorite sauce, pumpkin or hemp oil.


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