Anesthetic Massage Cream / chaga (RCoR), 30 ml

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Description Anesthetic massage cream with chaga, contain 100% natural ingredients. 

Ease the pain during a massage, is suitable for treatment of injuries, sprains and inflammatory processes, reduced or increased muscle tones. 
The cream intensively nourishes the skin cells and contributes to their rapid recovery, has a tonic effect. Chaga helps to relax muscles, relieves pain and spasms, optimizes the body's metabolism, and has a relaxing effect on the central nervous system.
Cedar resin in combination with mountain mumijo gives a strong antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, relieves irritation, fights acne and allergic rash, soothes the skin.

Ingredients: beeswax, Siberian cedar resin (Pinus Sibirica turpentine), birch chaga extract, mumijo, propolis and composition of different oils: Siberian cedar nut oil, wheat germ, grape seed, grapefruit and sea buckthorn. 

No side effects.


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